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Buying and selling art can be a complex and timely process for someone who is not experienced, and even for those who have done it before. Knowing what to look out for can save you time and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Evelyn Aimis is here to ensure that whether you're just stepping into the world of art, looking to diversify your assets, consolidate a collection, or make a solid investment you make the correct choices, and are advised by trusted and knowledgeable professionals.

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​Buying and selling is a huge part of what Evelyn Aimis Fine Art specializes in. Navigating the art world can be daunting to those that do not have the experience. 

  • We are proud to represent an extensive collection, and we are always interested in acquiring works of art by Modern & Contemporary Masters. 

  • Alternatively, you may be looking to add to your collection. We are always open to adding client to the list that we represent. Providing you excellent service, and know that you have a well connected and trusted team working on your behalf. 

  • Evelyn Aimis Fine Art can also sell works of art on your behalf.  We use various methods including personal connections and auctions ensuring that you cast a wide net to reach a broad audience of collectors.

  • We're familiar with negotiating and educating buyers and always work to get the best price that is also a fair valuation building lasting relationships and making the process valuable in more then just a monetary sense, because art is after all more then just an investment. It can be very personal. We understand that.

Please contact us to inquire. 

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